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Our ProgramThe New Glen Oaks Middle is dedicated to creating a community of learners in a safe educational environment. We are committed to helping students attain their fullest potential and become productive members of society. We strive to implement an educational program that will meet the individual differences in each of our students. 

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CAN Academy
The CAN Academy at the New Glen Oaks Middle School is designed to serve students who are at least two grades behind their academic schedule. All CAN students are required to take core subject courses everyday: Mathematics, English/Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and READ180.

During the first semester, CAN students have the opportunity to be promoted to the next grade if their attendance, grades, and behavior are acceptable. Additionally, CAN students must score at least a Basic/Approaching Basic combination on their English/Language Arts and Mathematics Edusoft tests.

The CAN Academy is led by Adrian Gooden, Site Administrator.

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